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The Methodology
Fixed Annuity Issue
Market Risk
Combining It all
Other  Withdrawal Targets
Withdrawals Forever
Efficient Frontiers
Simple and Efficient
Alternatives/Next Steps
Omega Strategy (not)
About the Author

The relevant background:

I have no financial credentials to speak of.

I have no investing credentials to speak of.

Now for the part that with even less relevance to this study. My name is David Lee. I was born in 1949 and have been working for a major player in the technology business since 1971, most of this spent in software and hardware product development. But the vast majority of this has been in management, so there are no relevant skills to be found here either. I have a BS/MS in electrical engineering and have done some graduate work in Computer Science.

I moved to Rochester, Mn. from the Bay Area in California in early 2000 where I quickly discovered that the 4 Q-Tips that were adequate for my snow-clearing requirements in Livermore, Ca. had to be replaced with an 8-horsepower snowthrower as well as a smaller electric version that I use for "snow trimming". But most of my working life was spent in Lexington, Ky. (go Wildcats).

I’ve been married since 1975 and have no children. But we have always owned boxers and Barney is our third. Barney was bred in Mt. Airy, NC (the home of Andy Griffith) and we didn’t want to name him Andy and we couldn’t spell Opey (Opie?, Opee, Opy?, O.P.?, Ohpy? – does anybody know?). So Barney it is. As I type this Barney has placed himself at the intersection of a strip of sunlight coming through our family room window (it is a Sunday morning) and a straight line between me and the door to the garage. He thinks that I will shortly be taking him for a walk in the park – he is wrong. Fortunately dogs will forgive their owners for just about anything, so this is not a problem.

I have (historically) been a serious runner (9 marathons – 2:42 PR) and a fairly serious biker (road biking only with limited racing experience – Cat 4/5 for those of you who know what I am talking about). I have also (historically) not been a serious runner and not been a serious biker. The difference is approximately 30 pounds. I have played a lot of tennis and golf in my past, although neither has an effect on my weight (the statement is categorically NOT commutative).

I’m an amateur astronomer and own 3 telescopes whose combined value is easily higher than the value of the car that I used in California to commute from Livermore to south San Jose (90 mile round trip). I don’t know what this means but it certainly is a statement of something.

Toward the end of the year 2000 I stumbled onto an opportunity to transfer (once again) to Raleigh, NC. Although there were positives to living in Rochester, Mn (such as the simplicity of life and the fact that people in Rochester are honestly the nicest people that I have ever encountered), winter is a very long and serious event. AND it happens every year. So my wife and I returned to our eastern roots and bought a home in Pinehurst, NC. We've only been here a short time but are enjoying it immensely. Our intent is to be here a very long time - but I've said that before. 

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