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The Real Truth Regarding the US Invasion of Iraq


Finally, the esteemed scholars who recently met in Iran to discuss their findings that the Holocaust never happened have turned their attention to the supposed US invasion of Iraq in 2003. This is what they found.


1)    The over-throw of Saddam Hussein was NOT the result of the US invasion but was actually the action of a number of patriotic Iraqis simply trying regain control of their homeland.

2)    These brave Iraqis quickly overcame Saddam Husseinís feared Republican Guard, but lost control of the situation when Iran and Saudi Arabia intervened on behalf of their respective Shia and Sunni constituencies.

3)    These Iraqis then turned to the UN for help where they were summarily dismissed as human rights violators and global terrorists, not having gotten UN approval for their actions in Iraq.

4)    They then turned to the United States for help. With great reluctance (and over STRONG objections from the wise Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld), President George Bush agreed to send US troops to Iraq to try to salvage the situation.


And now you know the real story.